How To Hire An Assistant for Small Business Elevate Success

How To Hire An Assistant for Small Business is a crucial step for entrepreneurs aiming to scale their operations and manage their workload efficiently. In the fast-paced world of small businesses, the role of an assistant can be transformative, offering invaluable support in administrative tasks, customer relations, and even strategic planning.

This guide is designed to navigate you through the process, from identifying the need for an assistant to selecting the perfect candidate. We’ll cover essential considerations such as defining the role, understanding the necessary skills, and where to find potential hires. Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or just starting out, learning how to hire an assistant can significantly impact your business’s growth and your personal productivity.

Why Should a Small Business Hire a Virtual Assistant?

In today’s dynamic environment, small businesses operate under the pressure of time and limited resources. This is where the role of a virtual assistant (VA) becomes crucial. Virtual assistants provide a flexible and affordable way to handle routine tasks. This allows business owners to concentrate on strategic planning and expansion. Here are compelling reasons for a small business to hire a virtual assistant.

assistant for small business

Cost Efficiency

Virtual assistants offer a significant financial advantage. They do not require office space, nor does the business have to invest in extra equipment. Expenses related to benefits and taxes are also not a concern. Business owners pay solely for the work done or hours logged. This arrangement is particularly beneficial for small enterprises operating with limited financial resources.


For small business owners, time is a precious commodity. Assigning tasks such as email handling, scheduling, and social media management to a VA enables them to dedicate more time to vital activities. These include strategic planning, engaging with customers, and innovating products or services.


Flexibility and Scalability

Virtual assistants provide unmatched flexibility. Businesses can adjust their hours according to current needs without the hassle associated with hiring or firing staff. This adaptability is invaluable for companies experiencing variable work volumes.

Wide Range of Skills

Virtual assistants possess diverse skills and come from various backgrounds. Whether the need is for digital marketing support, web research, graphic design, or another area, there is likely a VA who meets the requirement. Their versatility makes them an essential asset for small businesses aiming to extend their capabilities without employing multiple specialists.

Enhanced Efficiency

Many virtual assistants bring high levels of skill and experience to their roles. Employing a VA can mean not just task completion but also the introduction of process improvements. This can lead to better business outcomes.

Access to Global Talent

Choosing a virtual assistant allows businesses to tap into a worldwide talent pool. This global reach means that companies are not limited by their local area. They can find the perfect match for their needs, no matter where that person may be located.

Reduced Workload Stress

Running a business single-handedly can be daunting. By delegating tasks to a virtual assistant, business owners can alleviate the stress of a heavy workload. This contributes to a more balanced approach to work and life.

Why Include Work is Great For Hiring Virtual Assistants

In the domain of virtual assistance, Include Work emerges as a leading option for small businesses in search of dependable, high-quality support services. Since its inception in 2012, Include Work has developed a reputation for outstanding service. It offers a wide range of services designed to meet the evolving demands of contemporary businesses. Here are several reasons why Include Work should be your preferred provider for virtual assistant services:

Diverse Range of Services

Include Work provides a comprehensive selection of services. These services encompass digital marketing, social media management, web research, lead generation, graphic design, SEO, content marketing, data entry, and market research. Such variety ensures that you can secure support for nearly every aspect of your business through a single provider.

Experienced Professionals

Include Work boasts a team of 54 committed employees. It takes pride in the level of expertise and experience this team offers. The company ensures that each virtual assistant undergoes thorough vetting and training. This process guarantees that they adhere to Include Work’s stringent standards. As a result, you receive expert support tailored to the specific needs of your business.

assistant for small business

Customized Solutions

Include Work recognizes that each business is unique. It excels in providing customized solutions that align with your particular business goals and challenges. Whether your needs involve extensive digital marketing support or specialized assistance in data entry, Include Work devises a personalized strategy. This strategy respects your budget and business objectives.

Commitment to Quality

Include Work is dedicated to delivering superior services that surpass client expectations. Its virtual assistants are not only proficient in their fields but also committed to ongoing learning and improvement. This commitment ensures they stay ahead of industry trends and best practices.

Exceptional Customer Support

Understanding the significance of smooth communication and support, Include Work offers outstanding customer service. This service ensures you have direct access to your virtual assistant and the management team. Such access fosters a productive and harmonious working relationship.

Trust and Reliability

Over the years, Include Work has become a trusted ally for small businesses across the globe. Its dedication to reliability, confidentiality, and professionalism renders it an ideal choice for businesses aiming to delegate essential tasks confidently.

Positive Client Testimonials

The value of Include Work is further affirmed by positive feedback from satisfied clients. These testimonials underline the substantial benefits that Include Work’s virtual assistants bring to their clients’ operations, enhancing productivity, efficiency, and overall business development.

10 Best Virtual Assistant Service Providers for Small Business

For small businesses looking to hire virtual assistants, the marketplace is vast and varied. Among the plethora of options, finding the right service provider can be a daunting task. To simplify your search, we’ve curated a list of the 10 best virtual assistant service providers that are well-suited for small business needs. These companies have been selected based on their reputation, range of services, professionalism, and customer feedback.

Include Work

Time Etc

assistant for small business

With its comprehensive service offerings including digital marketing, SEO, graphic design, and more, Include Work stands out for its tailored approach and commitment to quality. Their experienced team and flexible solutions make them a top choice for businesses seeking versatile support.

assistant for small business

A well-known provider offering skilled virtual assistants experienced in a variety of tasks such as administrative support, writing, and social media management. Time Etc is celebrated for its rigorous vetting process and dedicated customer service.


VA Networking

assistant for small business

Specializing in providing virtual assistants for executives, Belay offers services such as administrative support, bookkeeping, and website maintenance. Their focus on high-quality matches makes them a preferred option for businesses looking for specialized support.

As a hub for connecting businesses with freelance virtual assistants, VA Networking offers a wide range of services and allows for direct negotiation and customization of services based on specific business needs.


Fancy Hands

assistant for small business

Offering dedicated assistants with a focus on administrative tasks, Zirtual is known for its premium service and exclusivity. Ideal for businesses that require high-touch support and confidentiality.

A US-based service known for its on-demand task management, Fancy Hands provides access to a team of assistants for a variety of tasks, making it suitable for businesses with fluctuating needs.



assistant for small business

Specializing in bilingual (English and Spanish) administrative and specialized support, Uassist.ME caters to a broad clientele with its dedicated and skilled assistants.

assistant for small business

Renowned for its virtual assistant services in real estate, sales, and marketing support, MyOutDesk helps businesses scale by providing skilled professionals adept at handling industry-specific tasks.



Focusing on providing executive assistance, Prialto offers managed services that include a team lead and backup assistant, ensuring consistency and quality of service. It’s an excellent choice for businesses looking for structured support.

Known for their highly rated virtual assistants who provide 24/7 support in various tasks, including digital marketing, customer service, and administrative assistance. WoodBows is notable for its flexibility and high client satisfaction rates.

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant From Include Work

When you choose to hire a virtual assistant (VA) from Include Work, your small business stands to gain immensely. This choice brings a wealth of benefits aimed at enhancing efficiency and fostering growth. Let’s delve into how a VA from Include Work can transform your business operations.

Expertise Across Various Fields

Include Work boasts a team of virtual assistants skilled in a variety of areas. Their expertise spans digital marketing, SEO, content marketing, graphic design, and more. This diverse skill set means you have access to specialized talents as needed. It eliminates the need to hire full-time staff for each unique function, saving costs and resources.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Choosing Include Work for your VA needs leads to significant cost savings. There is no need for additional expenses on office space, equipment, or employee benefits. You only pay for the services you require, precisely when you need them. This approach can drastically reduce your operational costs.

Assistant for Small Business

Increased Productivity

Allocating time-consuming tasks to your VA, such as email management, scheduling, and data entry, frees up your schedule. This shift allows you and your team to concentrate on core business activities. Focus on strategy development and client engagement to drive business growth.


The virtual assistants at Include Work provide a level of scalability traditional employment cannot. Adjust the hours or support level according to your business needs. This flexibility is invaluable during peak seasons or for special projects, ensuring you always have the right amount of support.

Access to Global Talent

Include Work removes geographical barriers, offering you a global talent pool. This access ensures you find the perfect match for your needs, regardless of location. Benefit from a wide range of skills and experience levels to meet your specific requirements.

Improved Work-Life Balance

Small business owners often juggle numerous responsibilities, risking burnout. Hiring a VA can lighten your workload, granting you more personal time. Use this time for leisure activities or to concentrate on high-value business strategies.

Professional Development of Your Team

With routine tasks delegated to a VA, your in-house team can focus on professional development. They’ll have opportunities to tackle more strategic and creative projects, enhancing their contributions to the business’s success.

Enhanced Customer Service

Virtual assistants can also manage customer inquiries, schedule appointments, and offer after-hours support. This service ensures your business provides exceptional customer service around the clock.


Include Work provides flexible contracts, allowing small businesses to adapt to market changes easily. Avoid the complications of long-term commitments and the hiring or firing process with this adaptable approach.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your administrative tasks and back-office functions are managed by capable hands brings peace of mind. Include Work’s reputation for reliability and high-quality service means you can trust your operations to run smoothly, even in your absence.

10 Simple Steps To Hire An Assistant for Small Business

Hiring a virtual assistant (VA) can dramatically enhance your business’s productivity and efficiency. Here’s a straightforward, step-by-step guide to finding and hiring the perfect assistant for your small business needs:

assistant for small business
  • Define Your Needs: Begin by identifying the tasks you wish to assign to a virtual assistant. Clearly outline the necessary skills and experience needed to perform these tasks efficiently.
  • Set a Budget: Decide on the amount you are prepared to invest in a virtual assistant. Take into account the tasks’ complexity and the required level of expertise when determining your budget.
  • Research Providers: Investigate virtual assistant service providers that specialize in supporting small businesses. Examine their reputation, the services they offer, and feedback from their clients.
  • Post a Job or Contact Services Directly: You may choose to advertise a job on freelance platforms or approach virtual assistant companies with your specific requirements.
  • Review Applications or Proposals: Carefully review the applications or proposals received. Consider each candidate’s experience, skills, and how well they align with your business culture and needs.
  • Conduct Interviews: Interview the most promising candidates to gauge their communication skills, reliability, and compatibility with your business. Utilize video conferencing tools for a more interactive interview experience.
  • Check References: Prior to making your final decision, request and verify references to confirm the candidates’ quality of work and dependability in previous roles.
  • Start with a Test Task: Assign a small, relevant task to your top candidate(s) to evaluate their practical skills. This approach allows you to see their capabilities in action.
  • Discuss and Agree on Terms: After selecting a virtual assistant, discuss and finalize the terms of employment. This includes payment, work hours, methods of communication, and confidentiality agreements.
  • Onboard Your VA: Equip your new virtual assistant with the necessary information and tools for success. Provide them with access to relevant software, an introduction to your business operations, and clear instructions on their tasks and expectations.

Hiring a virtual assistant is an investment towards the growth and sustainability of your business. By adhering to these steps, you can facilitate a smooth hiring process and foster a productive, long-term working relationship with your new VA.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Freelance Virtual Assistant

Hiring a freelance virtual assistant (VA) can be a strategic move for small businesses seeking flexibility and specialized skills. However, like any business decision, it comes with its own set of advantages and challenges. Understanding these can help you make an informed choice about whether a freelance VA is right for your business.

Here’s a summarized chart outlining the pros and cons of hiring a freelance virtual assistant:

Cost efficiency: Saves on office space, equipment, and employee benefits.Less control over schedules, with VAs juggling multiple clients.
Flexibility: Hire for specific projects or periods, ideal for fluctuating workloads.Confidentiality risks when sharing sensitive business information.
Access to a wide range of skills: Diverse backgrounds offer broad skill sets.Variability in work quality, with potential need for oversight.
Quick start: Freelancers can often begin immediately, adapting quickly to new tasks.Lack of company culture fit, impacting teamwork and collaboration.
Global talent pool: Enables access to the best match for your needs, regardless of location.Communication challenges, especially with different time zones, affecting timelines.
Cost efficiency: Saves on office space, equipment, and employee benefits.Less control over schedules, with VAs juggling multiple clients.

This chart succinctly captures the advantages and challenges associated with hiring a freelance virtual assistant, providing a clear overview to aid in decision-making for small businesses.

10 Benefits of a Full-Time Personal Assistant

Hiring a full-time personal assistant offers unique advantages, especially for small business owners. It’s important to grasp these benefits when considering such an investment. A dedicated full-time personal assistant plays a pivotal role in your success, providing:

assistant for small business
  • Consistent Availability: A full-time assistant, unlike freelancers who manage various clients, is always at your disposal during business hours. This ensures tasks are tackled promptly and efficiently.


  • In-depth Understanding of Your Business: Working closely with you, a full-time assistant acquires a comprehensive knowledge of your business’s operations, preferences, and challenges. Their deep familiarity allows them to anticipate your needs and make decisions that align with your interests.


  • Stronger Relationship: Regular interaction cultivates a solid, trust-based relationship between you and your assistant. This connection is vital for effective communication and collaboration, particularly when dealing with sensitive or intricate issues.
  • Greater Control and Supervision: An assistant who is either on-site or devoted solely to your business provides enhanced oversight of their work. You can offer direct feedback and instructions, ensuring tasks meet your standards.
  • Commitment to Your Business: A full-time assistant’s commitment to your business’s success is unwavering. Their professional growth and job security depend on their performance and their contributions to your company, motivating them to excel.
  • Customized Skill Development: You have the chance to shape your assistant’s skill set to meet your business’s specific needs. As they grow professionally, they can assume more complex responsibilities, thereby adding value to your operations.
  • Enhanced Data Security: Hiring a full-time assistant minimizes the risks associated with sharing sensitive information with third parties. They become a dependable part of your team, adhering to your data security policies.
  • Streamlined Communication: Having direct and constant access to your assistant makes communication straightforward. You avoid the complications of time zones or external schedules, facilitating smoother project and deadline management.
  • Long-term Planning and Strategy: Your assistant can significantly contribute to long-term planning and strategic decisions. Their thorough understanding of your business enables them to offer insightful suggestions for improvement.
  • Personal Support: Besides professional tasks, a full-time assistant can assist with personal responsibilities, such as scheduling appointments or event planning. This further alleviates your workload and stress.

Deciding between a freelance virtual assistant and a full-time personal assistant hinges on your specific business needs, budget, and preferences. A full-time assistant provides a level of dedication, integration, and security that is especially valuable for businesses seeking a long-term, collaborative partnership to propel their success.


In the bustling world of small business, the smartest move you can make is hiring a virtual assistant (VA). Whether you choose the flexibility of a freelancer or the dedicated support of a full-time assistant, the impact on your productivity and growth can be game-changing. Include Work exemplifies the perfect blend of quality and customization, offering a beacon for businesses seeking to streamline operations without sacrificing quality. Embrace the power of delegation; let a VA from Include Work or similar quality providers turbocharge your business efficiency. It’s not just about doing more with less—it’s about aiming higher and achieving more. Make the strategic choice to hire a VA and watch your business soar.

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